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The SharePoint Essentials Lite Client is a free ClickOnce application that provides a UI (User Interface) for End Users to open SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Reports (.qpcx format). It is designed for End Users who do not have the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Installed.

The SharePoint Essentials Tookit was designed to create report jobs (such as Site audits, List audits, Permission audits, Broken Link audits, etc...) and automate delivery of these reports over email or via SharePoint. End Users, such as Site Owners, can view these reports as CSV/MS Excel format, however, they lose the ability to quickly group and sort report content.

The SharePoint Essentials Lite Client allows these users to open these report by double clicking them and format the report how they want using drag and drop, and then Export to MS Excel. The application also supports automatic updates - users will be prompted to install updates automatically. If you need to turn off automatic updates for this application, please contact us!

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