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How long will it take to scan Broken Links in 10GB data?

Factors affecting Job Performance

The following factors can directly affect the time it takes to complete the Link Scan Jobs:

·        Anti-virus or Offline Syncing on machine, if you have anti-virus or offline syncing on your machine that the tool is installed, this can cause significant performance issues with the tool. Please see our User Manual on the Exclusion rules to set up in the Antivirus program.

·        Network speed (between machine running tool and SharePoint Web Server(s))

·        Number of links in the files and pages

·        Number of broken links in the files and pages (the tool does not just 'ping' the URL target but it waits to try to resolve the website, sometimes a website can take time to respond, you may adjust the timeout setting in the Links→Options page).

·        Number of SharePoint items and files to parse

·        If you are parsing within File Contents such as within MS Office or PDF files

·        File size exclusion (we have default of 20MB limit on file size in the Options page), this can be increased but will affect the time to complete if you have large files

·        Find/Replace - how many replacement conditions & how many replacement links needed


Our Test Environment Used

·        Hyper-V Windows 7 Client machine, 8GB RAM, Intel Quad-Core CPU 3GHz

·        SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Enterprise Suite 2016 Edition v4.4.3.0

·        SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

·        1 Site Collection Tested (Team Site with Publishing Feature activated)

·        10GB SharePoint Content Database

·        1 WFE & 1 APP server 12GB RAM each

·        1 SQL server 32 GB RAM

·        1 Document Library

o   Approx. 5007 files and folders (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel files)

o   38,204 URLs

o   25 Columns with 100 links in metadata

·        1 Page Library

o   37 aspx pages

o   2530 URLs

·        SharePoint List

o   150 List Items

o   20 Columns with 150 links in metadata

·        Style Library and other OOTB SharePoint Lists included in job, non-customized

Test Results

For the 10GB test above it completed the job in 3hrs 20min

Started: 5:34PM

Completed: 8:54PM


For large jobs, Sites and Lists can be scanned in parallel. You do no need to run them sequentially. Contact us or review the User Manual for more details on parallel, multi-threaded jobs.

Find Replace

This test did not replace any URLs. To factor in Find/Replace of 20% of the links, we would factor in a 10% increase in time to complete for 4 replacement conditions. Half of the percentage of links found to fix.

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